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Natural Looking Facelift Surgery Results: Tracy’s Testimonial

Posted July 17, 2020 in Facelift, Facial Rejuvenation, Fillers, Laser, Non-Surgical Procedures, Plastic Surgeon, Skin Care

Natural Looking Facelift Surgery Results: Tracy's Testimonial

Tracy, who enjoys painting in her free time, next to one of the paintings she created

As a permanent makeup artist who has worked with Dr. Patronella for 17 years, I chose Dr. Patronella to perform my facelift and necklift because I see his patients both before and after surgery with him—their beautiful results. I’ve always been amazed at how natural they look and how well their scars are concealed. They speak so highly of him!  Many told me they wished they had done it sooner rather than waiting until their 60s. Their regret prompted me to resolve that, if ever I needed one, I would do it at age 55.

As I approached that milestone, I increasingly felt that I looked tired most

Tracy performs post-masectomy areola reconstruction for this breast cancer survivor.

A permanent cosmetic artist, Tracy performs post-masectomy areola reconstruction for this breast cancer survivor. She also offers permanent cosmetic microblading for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip blushing and scar camouflage at Dr. Patronella’s Houston plastic surgery office.

of the time, even when I wasn’t. I woke up one day and thought “Who is this?” Facial aging seemed to have happened overnight, though, logically, I know it was gradual. It seemed to take more time to put myself together with makeup. I had been buying time for the last 16 years with Botox and fillers, and although this diminished some of my facial concerns, I couldn’t get rid of excess facial skin, particularly the jowling I noticed in my lower face. When I asked Dr. Patronella for his advice, he replied, “I think it’s time, Tracy”—time to consider surgical methods to achieve the advanced degree of rejuvenation that nonsurgical treatments could not provide. Admittedly, I felt a bit vain going this route, but seeing Dr. Patronella’s consistently excellent results was the driver for me. Still, though I knew I was in the best of hands, I weighed some concerns: “What if I didn’t look like myself anymore?” and, “Will it be obvious I’ve had facial surgery?” We’ve all seen the surgery-gone-bad results, particularly in high-profile celebrities who I assumed had access to competent surgeons.

Dr. P suggested I do a skin resurfacing laser treatment at the same time as my facial surgery to help

Tracy, before and after her facelift, necklift, and skin laser procedures

Tracy, before and after her facelift, necklift, and skin laser procedures with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Patronella

with fine lines, sun damage and skin texture. He left this decision to me, explaining that skin laser treatments like the Sciton TRL erbium laser he recommended require more down time than less intensive lasers. The payoff, however, is the comparatively dramatic improvement the former typically delivers. Having grown up in Florida, the effects of sun damage had taken their toll to a degree that the premium skin care products I used were not enough alone to reverse it. 

I said “yes” to the laser, and it was so worth it!  I was amazed how quickly I healed after a week. As my skin exfoliated to reveal a fresher, youthful complexion, my face was a bit pink and swollen at two weeks, but I loved the softness of that look. Already, I was feeling and looking great!

What I’m most pleased with is how natural I look—10 years younger, I can confidently say. I don’t have that tight, stretched, “deer-in-headlights look.” No one has been able to tell I’ve had surgery. I suspect many think I’m using filters on my photography! I wear much less makeup. Now it takes me a fraction of the time it once did to get ready for the day.  My experience has inspired my younger sister to see Dr. P. for the same surgery. I’ve enjoyed this time looking like the younger sister for a little while! I would recommend to anyone, “Do this if it makes you feel better!” It’s definitely given me more confidence. And I’d do it again tomorrow without hesitation.

For more information about Tracy’s permanent cosmetic services, please contact her at 832.368.8580 and visit her website.

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