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Breast Augmentation in Houston, TX

“Breast augmentation is an art form. There is nothing cookie-cutter about it. I put substantial thought and planning into how I should approach each breast surgery. Careful analysis of the patient’s anatomy and the True Form Breast Augmentation® method I customize for each woman help to produce consistently good results.”

Dr. Patronella’s Thoughts On Breast Augmentation

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

What is True Form Breast Augmentation®?

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella has perfected the art and science of sculpting soft, shapely feminine breasts through the True Form Breast Augmentation® approach he developed over two decades ago. His advanced cosmetic breast enhancement technique ensures the breasts’ projection, width, and symmetry are balanced to fit each patient’s unique breast shape. Dr. Patronella also creates a more defined breast crease and minimizes scarring by using a precise suturing technique, which is a detail in this procedure that is often overlooked by others.

Why Choose Dr. Patronella for Your Breast Augmentation in Houston?

With his artistic eye and outstanding surgical expertise, Dr. Patronella is considered by many to be one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Houston and the nation. His skill, experience, and compassionate bedside manner make him stand out among his peers and is what led him to create the True Form Plastic Surgery® method.

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The Benefits of a Breast Augmentation

Some of the benefits a breast augmentation provides include the following:

Increased volume for fuller, more shapely breasts

A more sensual breast contour

Balance for asymmetrical breasts

Enhanced natural feminine curves

Restored confidence and comfort in your body

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Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If you are a healthy, non-smoking adult who wishes to increase the size of your breasts and enhance their shape, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation.

During your consultation, Dr. Patronella will examine your existing breast anatomy, including the distance between the breasts, tissue thickness, and symmetry, to help predict your augmentation results.

He will also examine the balance of your shoulders, rib cage, and spine to ensure harmony with your enhanced breasts.

True Form Breast Augmentation® Procedure

General anesthesia is typically used for the True Form Breast Augmentation® procedure. Once you are asleep, Dr. Patronella will make small incisions under your breasts to access the glandular tissue and muscle.

Dr. Patronella will create appropriately-sized breast pockets beneath the pectoral muscle to create natural and subtle breast slopes. After he places the implants, he shapes the breast tissues for larger, beautifully contoured, natural-looking breasts.

Advanced suturing techniques create better crease definition and enhance the breasts’ contours when closing the incisions.

If you prefer your implants to be placed above the muscle, discuss your options with Dr. Patronella during your consultation.

Once your breast augmentation is complete, you will be monitored in a comfortable recovery area. When you wake up, you will find that your breasts have been covered with a compression garment or special surgical bra.

After Dr. Patronella checks in and clears you for discharge, you can be driven home or to another designated recovery location.

Silicone and Saline Implants

What are My Breast Implant Options?

Dr. Patronella offers a wide range of breast implant options and surgical techniques.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants consist of a silicone shell filled with a cohesive silicone gel. Silicone implants are FDA-approved for women 21 years or older.

Benefits of silicone breast implants:

  • More authentically simulates the feel of natural breast tissue
  • Implant edges are generally more inconspicuous
  • Minimizes appearance of implant rippling or waves

Saline Implants

Saline breast implants are made of a silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution. Saline implants are FDA-approved for women 18 years or older.

Benefits of saline breast implants:

  • Utilize smaller incisions because the implants are filled after insertion
  • Easier to identify and diagnose complications such as implant rupture

What are My Breast Implant Placement Options?

Depending on your anatomy, lifestyle, and goals, breast implants can be placed above the muscle (subglandular) or under the muscle (submuscular).

Subglandular Placement

With subglandular placement, the breast implant is placed behind the skin and breast tissue and above the pectoralis major muscle. Breast implants with subglandular placement may have a more rounded appearance. Since the implants are located close to the breast tissue, rippling may be more easily visible, and there is an increased risk for complications such as capsular contracture and bottoming out with subglandular placement.

Benefits of subglandular placement:

  • Shorter recovery submuscular since the muscles are not cut
  • Results of the size and shape of the breast implants are visualized sooner

Submuscular Placement

With submuscular placement, the breast implant is placed below the pectoralis major muscle.

Benefits of submuscular placement:

  • Provides a more natural breast appearance
  • Lower risk of visible rippling
  • Lower risk of capsular contracture and bottoming out

Dr. Patronella uses submuscular placement as part of his True Form Breast Augmentation®.

What are My Breast Augmentation Incision Options?

There are four incision locations, described below.

The inframammary incision, which is the incision Dr. Patronella uses to perform breast  augmentation, is the most popular incision location for breast augmentation in the United States. Incisions are made in the crease under the breasts. This incision location provides the surgeon with the most access when placing the breast implants and is ideal for silicone or saline implants. The scars in the inframammary fold are easily hidden under clothing.

Dr. Patronella uses the inframammary incision for his True Form Breast Augmentation®.

Dr. Patronella uses small, approximately one-inch incisions placed in the lower crease of the breasts to hide scarring and improve the appearance of your breasts. The incision type can vary depending on the size and type of your breast implants, with very large silicone implants sometimes requiring a larger incision.

Periareolar Incision

An incision is made around the lower half of the aeolar (colored skin around the nipple), which hides the scar. This incision location is often used when a breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift.

Transaxillary Incision

An incision is made in each armpit, and the surgeon dissects a tunnel through which the implants will be placed. Only saline implants can be used with the transaxillary incision location.

There is no scar on the breast with this incision location; however, there is a higher risk for asymmetry of the implants.

Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation (Tuba) Incision

An incision is made in the navel (belly button), and the surgeon dissects a tunnel upward through which the implants will be placed. Only saline implants can be used with the TUBA incision location. Although there is no visible scar, this location has a high risk for asymmetry of the breast implants.

How will Dr. Patronella help determine the best options to achieve my desired results?

During your consultation, Dr. Patronella will assess your current anatomical characteristics that can influence how your breasts will look and feel after augmentation. These include your physical frame, the degree of separation between the breasts, the thickness of the breast tissue, and differences between the breasts. Dr. Patronella will also examine the levelness of your shoulders, the structure of your rib cage, and other conditions related to scoliosis to identify what effects they may have on your breasts after placing the implants.

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What Can I Expect During My Breast Augmentation Recovery?

You will experience bruising, swelling, and redness following your breast augmentation. Your breasts will most likely be sore for three to five days following your surgery, but prescription medication will help control any discomfort you may experience.

You will wear a support garment for two weeks to reduce swelling and help facilitate healing. The support garment will help maintain your new breast shape as you heal for better results.

Most patients can return to non-physically demanding jobs within one week. With your surgeon’s permission, you may resume your daily exercise routine after one month.

For your convenience, Dr. Patronella offers an exclusive at-home healthcare visit for his patients recovering in the Houston area. A knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professional will come to your home in the days following your procedure to help monitor and assist in your recovery.

When Will I See My Breast Augmentation Results?

You will be able to see changes in your breast immediately, but the final results will appear after all swelling is gone and the implants have settled naturally into the breast pockets. This process can take between one to six months. After four to six weeks, most major swelling typically has subsided, and final results are more apparent.  For some women, minor swelling lasts for several months, increasing the overall size of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation Pricing

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Is Financing Available?

Dr. Patronella believes that every woman should be able to afford to have the body she desires, so he offers financing options to his patients. You may discuss your financing options during your initial consultation.

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