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Plastic Surgery Virtual Consultation

In our growing and changing world, individuals and businesses increasingly rely on online tools and the ability to access what they need from the comfort of their own home. This includes virtual plastic surgery consultations.

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What Is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation with Dr. Patronella is a preliminary conversation via a video platform such as Zoom that allows out-of-town patients and those who are unable to travel to our Houston office for an in-person consultation to connect with Dr. Patronella.

This video conference gives patients the ability to discuss their concerns and goals and allows Dr. Patronella the opportunity to provide possible treatment options and estimate the projected cost.

Why Should I Choose a Virtual Consultation for My Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Saves Time

Virtual consultations make connecting with your surgeon easy and accessible for out-of-town patients. This process saves time for those who are unable to schedule a preliminary face-to-face meeting.

Safe, Secure, and Private

Virtual consultations allow you to discuss your surgical procedure from the comfort and safety of your home. Whether you are unavailable for an in-person consultation or worry about exposure to an airborne virus, virtual consultations can help.

Offers a Second Opinion

Virtual consultations are a powerful tool for patients who may have undergone a consultation somewhere else but are looking for a second opinion from Dr. Patronella, or for patients who have additional questions following their consultation with Dr. Patronella.

How Do I Schedule a Virtual Consultation?

Sherri Roberts Virtual Consultation & Marketing Director

Sherri Roberts, Virtual Consultation Coordinator for Dr. Patronella

For more information about a video conference with Dr. Patronella, please complete and submit his questionnaire here. Sherri, Dr. Patronella’s video conference coordinator, will then  reach out to you the next business day to walk you through the video conference process and answer any questions you may have.

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What Is Required of Me to Schedule a Virtual Consultation?

To get started, you will need internet access through a computer or smartphone. As you will discuss your surgical procedure and aesthetic goals, we recommend having this video conference in a private location.

You will be asked to submit photos of your desired treatment area, such as the breasts, abdomen, or face. These photos should be very recent and include a front, side, ¾, and back view. In addition, please send a simple video that can be taken with your smartphone, which shows you turning slowly in a circle to give Dr. Patronella a whole-body perspective. Dr. Patronella will reference these photos and video when discussing your potential procedure with you.

Photo Submission Instructions

It is recommended that you take your photos in front of a plain background with good, even lighting to minimize shadows. This will help Dr. Patronella determine your aesthetic needs.

You will also be asked to sign our telemedicine consent, which can be completed via your smartphone.

A video conference serves to provide educational information regarding your desired procedure. If you are interested in moving forward with surgery, the next step will be to have an in-person appointment with Dr. Patronella for a pre-procedure evaluation and examination.

How Do I Schedule a Pre-Procedure Evaluation?

Dr. Patronella’s patient coordinator Eva Cadena

Eva Cadena – Patient Coordinator

To save time and travel expenses, many of our patients, particularly those traveling from out-of-town, opt to schedule the pre-procedure evaluation a few days before surgery. If you are interested in doing this, Dr. Patronella’s patient coordinator Eva,, can assist you with scheduling convenient appointment and surgery dates and provide you with accommodation recommendations close to Dr. Patronella’s office and state-accredited private surgery facility.

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