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Body Contouring for Men in Houston, TX

Houston-area physicians and residents have repeatedly voted Dr. Patronella one of Houston’s top doctors for cosmetic surgery in annual magazine polls.

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Attention to Detail

Careful attention to shaping ideal contours should be the primary consideration for the plastic surgeon. While weight loss is a welcome result from liposuction, the overriding objective is not how much fat is removed, but how the fat is removed.

Perhaps the most commonly requested procedure is lipocontouring of the abdomen and waist (love handles). This procedure is done in men of all ages by Dr. Chris Patronella in Houston, as long as skin tone is reasonably good, dramatically eliminating stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to a reasonable healthy lifestyle. Abdominal Etching, a procedure that was first developed and published at the Aesthetic Center For Plastic Surgery in 1993 (“Abdominal Etching: Differential Liposuction to Detail Abdominal Musculature.” Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Fall 1993, Volume 17, Issue 4), is often added for men who seek muscular definition as well.

Male Body Contouring Procedures

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