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“The sculpting and reshaping of the body require the intuitive ability to envision a physical ideal for a person’s unique body and the keen artistic sense and technical expertise necessary to translate this vision to the body through the tools and techniques of plastic surgery.”

Christopher Patronella, MD, FACS, FICS

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Why Should I Choose Dr. Patronella — Body Contouring Specialist — for My Body Contouring?

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella, offers body contouring surgery to restore and improve the shape and proportions of the body. He has been named one of the top plastic surgeons in Houston in numerous magazine polls year after year, a testament to his reputation for consistently achieving outstanding results.

Dr. Patronella’s True Form Body Contouring® Approach

In Dr. Patronella’s 20+ years as a plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist in Houston, he has worked to refine, perfect and combine surgical techniques to reshape the body and achieve the most ideal aesthetic results possible through procedures including the True Form Tummy Tuck®, liposuction, and body lift surgery.

The creation of ideal proportions and balance between the upper and lower body is a fundamental element of Dr. Patronella’s approach. He looks at the body as a whole in order to evaluate the steps necessary to visually harmonize its overall appearance with a patient’s specific aesthetic goals. To ensure the results appear natural rather than surgical, he incorporates transition sculpting to smoothly blend the appearance of the different regions of the body. This essential aspect of Dr. Patronella’s approach avoids artificial appearing results such as a firm, flat newly rejuvenated abdomen next to a bulky waistline.

While modern technology has allowed us to make great strides in this medical specialty, the timeless principle that is true of almost every artistic endeavor applies to this field as well: the plastic surgeon’s skillfulness in effectively applying the tools of his/her craft is of far greater importance than the specific technology that is used.

As Dr. Patronella’s True Form Body Contouring® techniques have evolved, so has the establishment of his belief that clear, candid communication regarding goals, expectations, limitations, and lifestyle is essential to the attainment of a successful aesthetic and surgical outcome.

What Are the Key Elements of the True Form Body Contouring® Approach?

Ideal Aesthetics

The creation of ideal proportions and balance between the upper and lower body is a fundamental element of my approach to body contouring. A well-balanced proportion appears healthier and more aesthetically appealing for both men and women.

A proportioned body not only appears more attractive, it can tolerate a greater weight and a larger clothes size than one which is the same weight, yet disproportionate. From a practical perspective, most clothing styles are designed to fit an individual with proportionate measurements.

The body should ultimately be gender specific: uniquely feminine or uniquely masculine. For most women, this includes a toned, flat, smooth abdomen; a narrow waist with a soft, curvy transition to the hips; and smooth, shapely thighs. There should be a gradual slope from the hip to the knee. It’s preferable to have some buttock projection rather than width.

Men typically desire an athletic appearance with a more muscular look and straighter contour lines. This includes a well-defined chest (gynecomastia surgery / male breast reduction, and/or pectoral sculpting to define the chest muscles), a flat, muscular abdomen (ab sculpting technique), and a firm waistline.

In the majority of body contouring procedures I perform, I use a combination of methods to reshape the body. Liposuction reduces the excess accumulation of fat, while the use of lifting techniques and the removal of loose, sagging skin helps to restore a firmer, smoother look to the body.

I work closely with my patients to carefully evaluate, inform, and review the best options available to them, and to set long-term goals for maintaining ideal body proportions. During your consultation, we will review the concept of ideal form so that, together, we can agree upon shaping goals and realistic expectations.

Model: Woman's abdomen

How Should I Prepare for My True Form Body Contouring® Surgery?

While not a prerequisite for body contouring surgery, aerobic conditioning and toning with an established exercise program for at least four weeks prior to surgery will speed recovery and enhance the overall surgical result. To ensure attention to patient safety, each patient will be carefully evaluated through a physical exam and a complete review of medical and surgical history.

How Can True Form Body Contouring® Correct Results From Previous Surgeries?

A growing area of my practice has become corrective / revision procedures on patients who have undergone previous body contouring surgeries that failed to meet their goals or resulted in complications that adversely affected the outcome. This specialized area of my practice is especially rewarding because it allows me to participate in the recovery of a patient’s self-image and confidence.

How Long Is Recovery After True Form Body Contouring® Surgery?

Recovery may range from one to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the procedures performed and the physical condition of the patient. An early return to mobilization and activity will speed recovery. Specialized compression garments, nutritional supplements, and therapeutic massage are also important components of the healing process. As part of a comprehensive long-term plan, a commitment to healthy lifestyle changes will help to maintain and enhance what has been accomplished through body contouring.

If you are interested in learning more about body contouring surgery, call our office at (713) 575-1996 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Patronella.

To learn more about Dr. Patronella, please visit us on Instagram where he shares insights he’s gained from his more than 20 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, answers to frequently asked questions, and the latest news from his practice.

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