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Meet Dr. Patronella


Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in One Minute

True Form Tummy Tuck® In Surgery

True Form Tummy Tuck (En Español)

True Form Tummy Tuck®

Belly Button Beauty: Dr. Patronella’s Detailed Approach to Restoring Beauty to the Navel

Dr. Patronella Gives This Woman a Better Waistline and Proportions

Body Contouring – Dr. Patronella’s Comprehensive Approach

Mini Tummy Tuck Vs. Full Tummy Tuck: Choosing the Right Procedure for You

No Drain Tummy Tuck



Breast Augmentation: Fake vs. Natural-Looking Results

Corrective – Revision Breast Surgery

Solutions for Sagging Breasts: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift or Both?

Beautiful Breasts: The Aesthetic Goals of Breast Surgery


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Sex After Plastic Surgery

Preparation and Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery

Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

Psychological Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery After Pregnancy & Childbirth

Meet Dr Patronella

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Houston, TX 77024
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