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Brazilian Butt Lift in Houston, TX

Picture this: when you turn sideways to check your profile in the mirror, you feel your confidence soar at the sight of your shapely backside: rounded, perky buttocks that softly blend into the arch of your back. Whether you are wearing a form-fitting dress, jeans, or swimwear, you walk with confidence into every setting, knowing you look amazing at every angle. If this seems like an elusive goal—maybe your butt lacks the curve or volume you want, and/or it sags due to weight loss, the toll of aging, or simply genetics–Dr. Patronella’s True Form Brazilian Butt Lift may be the ideal solution to help your attain the look you seek.

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Dr. Patronella’s Customized Brazilian Butt Lift Approach

True Form Plastic Surgery® is Dr. Patronella’s philosophical approach to creating authentic-looking aesthetic improvement and using a number of techniques to enhance any area of the face and body. With his True Form Brazilian Butt Lift approach, Dr. Patronella customizes the procedure to give you the volume and proportions you desire, using your own fat to reshape your buttocks. Like breast augmentation with implants, size and shape preferences are a personal decision that varies among individuals. Many people interested in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery desire subtle volume only, while others want a more curvaceous look similar to those of celebrities whose eye-catching derrieres are a focal point of their appearance. During your consultation with Dr. Patronella in Houston, he will listen to your aesthetic goals and evaluate your body’s proportions and skin tone in order to make a recommended plan that is tailored to you. Read about Dr. Patronella’s approach to Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery here.

True Form Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Liposuction + Fat Grafting = Beautiful Curve Definition

One of the exciting aspects of Dr. Patronella’s Brazilian Butt Lift method is the multiple contouring benefits it delivers. Through liposuction, Dr. Patronella removes undesirable fat from areas such as the waist and thighs. He then transfers this fat into the buttocks, strategically sculpting them to achieve the size, shape, and projection you desire. Frequently this will improve the tone of the buttocks, helping to smooth out dimpling and other contour irregularities, though it may not completely eliminate them.

Model: Woman's buttocks

Improving Sagging Buttocks

The best solution to improve sagging buttocks depends on the level of skin laxity you have and the amount of added volume you desire through fat grafting. In some cases, a Brazilian Butt Lift alone may provide sufficient lift to achieve a good result. Excessive skin laxity of the buttocks can be addressed by removing skin above the buttocks, further lifting them to improve their appearance. Dr. Patronella may recommend a buttocks lift in conjunction with fat grafting to the buttocks to provide the best results possible.

If you are interested in improving the contour of your buttocks, contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Patronella in Houston, Tx.

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