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Body Lift Surgery in Houston, TX

Dr. Patronella has years of experience in the Houston area working to give each patient the body they desire.

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Body Contouring

Weight loss, pregnancy, and aging can all cause undesirable excess skin accumulation on the lower body. While diet and exercise can help you lose fat and tone your muscles, there is little improvement it can provide to restore firm body contours. Patients with excess skin often feel flabby and unattractive. The body lift is designed to tighten loose skin and enhance your body’s natural contour.

Benefits of Body Lift Surgery in Houston, TX

Natural-looking results

Tighter skin

Smoother body contours

Enhanced definition

Permanent correction

Improved physique after weight loss

Restored body after pregnancy

Increased confidence

Combined Body Rejuvenation Procedures

A body lift can be combined with any number of Dr. Patronella’s body rejuvenation procedures. Patients often choose to combine procedures to achieve their overall desired aesthetic. Undergoing procedures in tandem can ultimately save you time and money. Procedures that are often combined with the body lift include:

Body Lift - Areas Treated


  • Flabby underarms commonly occur following major weight loss and pregnancy
  • Unflattering arm profiles may prevent you from wearing the clothing you desire
  • An arm lift utilizes discreetly placed incisions along the arm to remove excess skin
  • Eliminating unwanted arm tissue can restore a slimmer, more toned arm appearance


  • Sagging inner and outer thighs are most often caused by major weight loss or aging
  • Unwanted thigh tissue is not only unsightly but may also cause painful chafing
  • Inner and/or outer thigh lift surgery can be performed as part of your body lift
  • Skin from the thighs is removed, and the remaining tissue is draped to enhance the contour of your thighs


  • The waist and hips are most likely to be affected by loose skin, especially after major weight loss or pregnancy
  • Excess skin accumulation around the flanks can prevent you from having the shapely figure you desire
  • Excising tissue from around the flanks and pulling the remaining skin upwards helps create better definition along the hips


  • A flat or deflated buttocks appearance can occur naturally or as the result of weight loss
  • Fat transfer can use harvested fat from liposuction to provide a more shapely butt profile
  • Sagging skin may be lifted and contoured to highlight your body’s natural curves and provide a fuller, more luscious profile

Body Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

Before and after of a body lift procedure

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Is Financing Available?

Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Patronella believes that every woman should be able to afford to have the body she desires, so he offers financing options to his patients. You may discuss your financing options during your initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Body Lift Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t need all the procedures outlined in the body lift?

Every body lift is tailored to the patient. With Dr. Patronella’s expert advice, you will decide which procedures will help you achieve the results you desire.

How long does it take to recover from a body lift?

Your recovery period will vary depending on the number of procedures performed and the extent of correction required. Generally, recovery lasts between four and six weeks. During the first week, you will experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Drains are placed to minimize swelling, and specialty compression garments facilitate the healing process. Patients will be required to limit their strenuous physical activities for up to four weeks. Most patients return to work within two weeks of their procedure. After six weeks, most major swelling subsides and your final results will become visible.

What type of anesthesia is used during a body lift?

Most patients will have their body lift performed while they are under general anesthesia. This ensures patient safety and comfort. However, patients receiving minor corrections may be able to have their procedures performed under local anesthesia.

Should I combine liposuction with my body lift?

Many patients choose to combine liposuction with their body lift to improve their results. Liposuction can remove unwanted fat and highlight your body’s natural contours.

Is body lift surgery painful?

It is likely that you will experience some mild discomfort during the first week of your recovery. In most cases, patients use prescribed oral medication to control their discomfort.

How long will my results last?

Patients that take good care of their bodies following the procedure will have long-lasting results. While a body lift permanently removes excess skin, it cannot prevent new skin and fat from forming. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes a controlled diet and plenty of exercise should help you maintain the quality of your results.

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