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True Form Facelift® & Neck Lift Surgery in Houston

When many patients consider facelift surgery, their primary concern is looking artificial or “overdone.” At Dr. Patronella’s practice in Houston, Texas, he uses a technique that addresses aging on a deeper level: the two-layer (dual plane) technique. This technique not only tightens the facial skin but adjusts and tightens the underlying facial muscles to provide the longest-lasting, most natural-looking results.

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

True Form Facelift® and Neck Lift

With his True Form Facelift® and neck lift, Dr. Patronella can address the most common facial aging complaints: sagging skin, deep creases and wrinkles, and a loss of muscle tone that causes a worn, tired appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for the True Form Facelift® and Neck Lift?

If you have wrinkles or sagging skin in the lower face, neck, or jowls, you will likely be a good candidate for facelift and neck lift surgery. Since every person’s anatomy and health history is unique, the best way to determine this procedure’s candidacy is to schedule a consultation with award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Patronella.

What Are the Benefits of True Form Facelift® and Neck Lift Surgery?

A more youthful facial appearance
Firm, smooth skin
Greater confidence
Natural facial contours

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How Is the True Form Facelift® and Neck Lift Performed?

Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery Before and After Photos
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Experience Other True Form® Procedures

Dr. Patronella has spent decades mastering facial and body contouring procedures to make groundbreaking techniques possible. True Form® procedures are a signature experience, offering patients the most high-end plastic surgery available.

True Form Body Contouring® achieves ideal aesthetic results and creates beautiful proportions and balance between the upper and lower body. Balance is a fundamental element of Dr. Patronella’s approach to body contouring. A well-balanced proportion appears healthier and more aesthetically appealing for both men and women. Dr. Patronella works closely with his patients to carefully evaluate, inform, and review the most suitable options. Dr. Patronella will also help patients develop long-term goals for maintaining their desired body proportions.

True Form Tummy Tuck® is a new approach to tummy tuck surgery that creates more desirable and authentic-looking tummy tuck results than traditional methods. True Form Tummy Tuck® patients can avoid some of the most common pitfalls seen in traditional abdominoplasty and enjoy advanced recovery methods.

Liposuction With the True Form Tummy Tuck® combines liposuction with the True Form Tummy Tuck® to enhance the waist and revitalize more attractive contours. With liposuction, Dr. Patronella focuses on reshaping more attractive contours rather than removing fat for size reduction alone. By receiving liposuction with True Form Tummy Tuck®, patients can achieve enhanced results with refined techniques and optimized safety measures.

True Form Breast Augmentation® advances traditional breast augmentation techniques by combining Dr. Patronella’s signature techniques with his meticulous approach to shape, placement, and size. True Form® breast surgery will provide you with the most natural and realistic breast augmentation possible.

True Form® Body Contouring For Men helps men of all ages achieve a stronger muscle definition and athletic tone. True Form® for men can enhance traditional methods for male body contouring to achieve artfully shaped contours and highly detailed corrections. For example, Dr. Patronella uses a procedure called liposculpture to create subtle ripples in the abdominal area by accentuating the underlying abdominal muscles.

Facelift and Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Dr. Patronella for Your True Form Facelift® and Neck Lift?

Dr. Patronella is a board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience in the Houston community and abroad.

Dr. Patronella’s warm and friendly patient care team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have and schedule your appointment with Dr. Patronella in Houston, Texas.

If you are interested in True Form Facelift® and neck lift with Dr. Patronella, schedule your in-office or virtual consultation by filling out our contact form or call (713) 575-1996.

About Dr. Patronella

What Are Patients Saying About Their Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery With Dr. Patronella?

“Dr. P and staff, I want to say thanks for all your kindness and for taking such good care of me. Everyone made me feel special. Flying out of state for my surgery was the best decision I made. I am still on the road to recovery and am confident that my final results will be 110% of what I expected. Once again, thanks for all you have done and for making some of my dreams come true.


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