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Christopher K. Patronella, Md, Facs, Fics

True Form Face Lift® & Neck Lift Surgery in Houston, TX

At Dr. Patronella’s Houston, Texas practice, he uses a technique that addresses aging on a deeper level: the two-layer (dual plane) technique. This technique not only tightens the facial skin, but it also adjusts and tightens the underlying facial muscles to provide the most long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Facial Procedures

Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

True Form Face Lift® and Neck Lift

When patients consider facelift surgery, often their primary concern is the risk of looking artificial or “overdone.” With his True Form Facelift™ and neck lift procedure, Dr. Patronella can address the most common complaints of facial aging: sagging skin, deep creases and wrinkles, and a loss of muscle tone that causes a worn, fatigued appearance.

The Benefits of True Form Face Lift® & Neck Lift Surgery

A more youthful facial appearance

Firm, smooth skin tone

Psychological benefits typically include greater confidence and satisfaction with appearance

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Facelift & Neck Lift Procedures

  • True Form Face Lift®

    • The True Form Face Lift® procedure addresses sagging skin and wrinkles in the mid and lower face. The incisions are well hidden within the hairline and natural creases of the skin.
    • Dr. Patronella uses the dual-plane technique to reposition and tighten deep facial tissue and muscles. After the skin is draped over the new facial structure, the incisions are closed with sutures. The procedure is typically completed in three to five hours under general anesthesia.
    • The True Form Face Lift® will not make patients look like another person but rather a younger, more refreshed version of themselves.
  • Neck Lift

    • A neck lift is typically performed along with the facelift procedure. The length of the incision will depend on the degree of change the patient would like to see.
    • The traditional neck lift incision begins in the hairline near the sideburn and continues down and around the ear, ending in the scalp. The tissue in the neck is positioned to provide more natural-looking contours, and the platysma muscle is tightened. The skin is then draped over the newly shaped structure, and incisions are closed with sutures.

Facelift & Neck Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

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Combine With Other True Form Facial Rejuvenation® Procedures

Dr. Patronella can combine the facelift and neck lift procedure with other procedures to create the ultimate results for his patients.

  • Non-surgical rejuvenation methods such as cosmetic injectables, lasers, or chemical peels easily combine with the facelift and neck lift to rejuvenate the skin, improving its tone and texture.
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) restores a younger, more alert appearance to the eyes.
  • Brow lift (forehead lift) surgery will correct a worn and aged appearance in the brow area, which descends and develops creases over time due to a loss of skin elasticity.

Facelift and Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Am I a good candidate for facelift and neck lift surgery?

    If you have wrinkles or sagging skin in the lower face, neck, or jowls, you are likely a good candidate for facelift and neck lift surgery. Since every person’s anatomy and health history is unique, the best way to determine candidacy for this procedure is to schedule a consultation with award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Patronella.

  • What does the facelift and neck lift recovery process entail?

    Patients must arrange for someone to drive them home after surgery and assist them with routine tasks for the first one to two days. Most patients take at least two weeks off from work, but swelling is likely to be present for at least three weeks as the skin and tissues heal. There is some discomfort associated with surgery, but Dr. Patronella will prescribe medications to help relieve any pain. Regular exercise typically can be resumed between six and eight weeks post-surgery.

  • What kind of results can I expect with facelift and neck lift surgery?

    Facelift and neck lift will provide noticeably more youthful facial appearance, especially when combined with non-surgical rejuvenation to improve the skin. The jowls will be reduced and the jawline will appear smoother and more defined.

  • How long will my facelift and neck lift results last?

    The initial results of facelift and neck lift surgery can last between five to ten years. Patients can help maintain their post-surgery results by periodically undergoing nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels, protecting their skin from the sun, using pharmaceutical grade skin-care products, and refraining from smoking.

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