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Tummy Tuck Pitfalls

Posted April 15, 2020 in True Form Tummy Tuck®, Tummy Tuck

The patient case studies below illustrate some of the most common aesthetic concerns that Dr. Patronella sees among women who consult with him for revision surgery to improve the unsatisfactory results they received from prior tummy tuck procedures or, in some cases, from laser liposuction, which was incorrectly recommended to improve  loose abdominal skin.

For those who desire a revision procedure to correct poor cosmetic surgery results, Dr. Patronella is often able to restore more ideal contour lines to the abdomen by applying the techniques of the True Form Tummy Tuck®. In his consultation with individuals who desire revision surgery, Dr. Patronella provides an honest assessment of the improvements he can make as well as any limitations so patients can be reassured they will have an understanding of the results they can expect to receive.

Patient Case Study: 1

Tummy Tuck Pitfalls Patient 1

This woman consulted with Dr. Patronella because of the poor results she received from liposuction with another surgeon. She needed a tummy tuck rather than liposuction, which left her with more loose skin and poor contours.

Patient Case Study: 2

Tummy Tuck Pitfalls Patient 2

If loose skin is present, liposuction alone often creates contour irregularities and more loose skin, as this woman experienced after having Smart Lipo with another surgeon. Dr. Patronella recommended a tummy tuck and fat grafting to give this patient a smoother abdominal appearance.

Patient Case Study: 3

Tummy Tuck Pitfalls Patient 3

This woman consulted with Dr. Patronella for revision tummy tuck surgery to correct the unsatisfactory abdominoplasty results she received from another surgeon.  These photos illustrate the following tummy tuck pitfalls:

  • A bulging abdominal appearance due, in part, to insufficient repair of the underlying muscle wall
  • There is a noticeable “step-off” at the incision line.
  • A lack of attention was given to waist contouring.
  • “Dog ears” (extra skin and fat) can be seen at the ends of the incision.
  • The shape of the belly button is poor.

Patient Case Study: 4

Tummy Tuck Pitfalls Patient 4

Unhappy with the abdominoplasty results she received from another surgeon, this patient had a revision tummy tuck procedure with Dr. Patronella to correct the following concerns:

  • A high scar
  • Inadequate repair of abdominal muscle separation (diastasis)
  • Poor waist shaping

Patient Case Study: 5

Tummy Tuck Pitfalls Patient 5

This patient consulted with Dr. Patronella to improve her abdominal appearance after she received laser liposuction. Liposuction was insufficient to restore a flat, smooth appearance to her abdomen, as these photos demonstrate. Instead, a tummy tuck was necessary to remove her loose abdominal skin and repair the weakened underlying muscle wall to improve the appearance of her abdomen.

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