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Category: Diastasis Recti

What is Diastasis? How to Get Rid of a Tummy Pooch After Pregnancy

Posted December 18, 2023

By Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella Diastasis is a separation of the midline abdominal fascia. Fascia is that gristle tissue—a very strong, inelastic tissue—which covers muscles throughout our body. Between your vertical rectus muscles, there is a thick layer of fascia. When a woman becomes pregnant, that layer of fascia must stretch to accommodate […]

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From Modeling to Motherhood – Kelly Shares Her TRUE FORM ABDOMINOPLASTY® Experience With Dr. Patronella: “I think my tummy looks better now than it did before kids!” 

Posted July 23, 2020

By Sherri Roberts “Just wanted to drop a quick “thank you” to Dr. P for making this twin Mom fit right in on South Beach. Thank you, Dr. P!!!  Your passion, artistry, and expertise make all the difference! -Kelly We love receiving photos and notes from our patients which radiate their confidence and joy. Many […]

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Still Look Pregnant? Diastasis Recti Could Be the Reason

Posted November 20, 2017

Pregnancy can be incredibly rough on a woman’s body. For many women, the last few months before delivery seem torturous, as they feel “huge” and have difficulty bending over, sitting down, sleeping comfortably, and performing other everyday tasks. After pregnancy and childbirth, the body recovers gradually. However, some women may continue to look pregnant even […]

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