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The Art of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted October 24, 2017 in Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is more than a plastic surgery procedure. It is an art form in which the surgeon sculpts the breasts into a more ideal and beautiful shape. Dr. Patronella has spent over 20 years refining and developing his True Form Breast Augmentation® approach, which allows him to create more beautiful, natural-looking results for his breast augmentation patients.

Breast Aug by Dr. Patronella

Applying Artistic Skill

When a woman comes in for her breast augmentation consultation, she and the surgeon have an opportunity to discuss her interests and anatomical realities in detail. During this time, Dr. Patronella uses his natural artistic skills to assess her frame and make recommendations. His focus is not just on the size or fullness of the breasts but on the sensual contours, shapely curves, and overall aesthetic balance that can be achieved for the body. Your consultation will include an evaluation of your physical frame, the quality of your breast tissue, any natural asymmetries, the degree of separation between your breasts, the structure of your rib cage, how level your shoulders are, and a range of other characteristics. All these assessments allow Dr. Patronella to create the desired appearance in every detail, just like a master artist.

Like a sculptor with untouched marble or a painter with a blank canvas, Dr. Patronella can see the hidden masterpiece before it is formed. He develops a clear mental image of the final beautiful results before even beginning the surgery. “Breast augmentation is an art form,” Dr. Patronella explains. “There is nothing cookie cutter about it. I put substantial thought and planning into how I should approach each breast surgery.”

True Form Breast Augmentation®

To create the most beautiful results, Dr. Patronella uses his True Form Breast Augmentation® method. This technique combines both art and science to sculpt shapely, defined, soft, and feminine breasts while maintaining the ideal balance of the patient’s natural body shape. The implants are carefully inserted to create a subtle and natural-looking breast slope with a defined crease, attractive contours, and a natural artistic beauty. Dr. Patronella uses a precise suturing technique to define the contours of the breasts. With his unique approach and natural talent, Dr. Patronella produces consistently good results for every patient.

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