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3 Easy Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Posted September 25, 2017 in Facial Rejuvenation

While no legitimate potion or jewel has ever been found to bestow perpetual youth or immortality, thanks to modern technology and science, we have many treatments and products that can restore a more youthful, refreshed look to the face and neck. The following three methods can help you postpone and reduce wrinkles, keep your skin smooth, and prolong a youthful appearance.

Step 1: Get Preventative BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments

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Non-surgical facial injectables can help keep the skin smooth and prevent wrinkles from etching themselves in too soon. One of the most popular wrinkle treatments is botulinum toxin type A, found in BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®. This substance reduces the small muscle contractions that lead to the formation of facial expression lines and creases over time. Our nurse injectors have extensive expertise in achieving the best results possible, so you can still show expressions while softening wrinkles and lines. BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® can be used preventatively between the brows, on the forehead, and at the corners of the eyes to slow the formation of frown lines, furrows, and crow’s feet (laugh lines).

Step 2: Use Medical Grade Skin Care Products

Medical grade skin care products can extend skin health and vitality when used on a regular basis. Our skin care specialists can recommend a customized daily skin care regimen to brighten, hydrate, and firm your skin. Comprehensive skin care systems from SkinMedica® and Alastin can transform the skin at the cellular level to improve and even prevent fine lines and wrinkles. A daily regimen containing cleansers, anti-aging serums, retinol, antioxidants, eye creams, moisturizers, and more can improve the tone and texture of your skin.

Step 3: Get a Non-surgical Facelift With Ultherapy®

Ultherapy® (sometimes called Ulthera®) is a non-surgical treatment that can lift and tighten sagging skin of the face and neck. Gravity, the aging process, and other environmental factors gradually weaken the skin, making it lax and saggy. Over time, this can accelerate wrinkle formation. Ultherapy® delivers ultrasound energy waves to heat the deeper tissue layers and stimulate collagen renewal and formation. This leads to firmer and uplifted skin, giving you a smoother and more youthful appearance. Ultherapy® can help smooth out and prevent wrinkles in the forehead, brows, around the eyes, and in the mid-to-lower face and neck. For many patients, Ultherapy® can postpone the need for facelift surgery and allow you to continue looking younger for longer.

These three steps can help you keep your skin youthful, healthy, and smooth. For more information on anti-aging treatments and how to prevent wrinkles, schedule your personal consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Chris Patronella. Call (713) 575-1996 or contact us online to get started today.

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