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Dream Procedure or Fad Science? Larger Breasts Through Liposuction 

Posted December 31, 2014 in Fat Grafting

The idea of transplanting unwanted fat from the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen into the breasts to make them larger has captured the interest and hope of women everywhere. As the use of fat transfers to add volume to the lips, cheeks, and buttocks has grown increasingly popular, interest is growing in its use to augment breast size, as well.

Though the use of saline and silicone-implants is FDA-approved for safety, many women are attracted to the idea of using their own fat to add shapely contours to their breasts. Currently the procedure offers limited volumizing, increasing breasts up to approximately one cup size, depending on the amount of available fat, but many women appreciate its added benefit of lipocontouring to other areas of their body, and the natural look and feel created by the fat grafts.

While promising potential surrounds the procedure, much clinical research remains to determine its safety and long-term results. Concern surrounds the potential development of cysts and calcifications in the breasts as a result of fat grafting to the area—an issue which could complicate mammogram readings by making it difficult to distinguish cancerous growths. Also in question is the transplanted fat’s duration. The survival rate of fat transplants can vary depending on the grafting site and the quality of the fat cells, which is affected by the method of their handling. Much research is currently centered around the harnessing of fat stem cells to potentially improve the duration and rejuvenating benefits of fat transplants.

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