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CoolSculpting® – A Groundbreaking New Non-Invasive Method to Reduce Fat 

Posted December 31, 2014 in CoolSculpting®

It sounds almost too good to be true: a simple and safe one-to-two hour non-invasive treatment that is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration to reduce unsightly fat bulges without the requirement of downtime, needles, chemicals, or anesthesia. But in this case, the revolutionary new patented fat reduction method known as CoolSculpting® is based upon hard, cold scientific facts discovered through the research of Harvard scientists.

Dr. Patronella is pleased to be among the first physicians in Houston to offer patients the ground-breaking new fat reduction technology which gently targets and freezes away the fat that contributes to muffin tops, love handles, saddlebags, back rolls, and arm flab. Studies show that CoolSculpting® effectively reduces targeted fat by an average of 20 to 25 percent, and an additional average reduction of 20 to 25 percent of targeted fat can be achieved in subsequent treatment sessions

CoolSculpting® is designed to benefit individuals who are within 10 to 15 pounds of their ideal weight, but they have small pockets of fat that are resistant to reduction through diet and exercise. While the treatment is a welcome non-surgical option to reduce fat, it is not considered a substitute for liposuction, a surgical technique which is used to reshape the body through the select removal of fatty tissue.  In a liposuction procedure, Dr. Patronella combines both artistic skill and scientific technique to restore more attractive contours and proportions to the body. However, CoolSculpting provides an appealing alternative for those who desire body contouring improvement without the need for surgery, pain medication, or recovery time. Treatments will be conducted in the relaxed setting of Dr. Patronella’s Added Touch Medical Spa. While undergoing treatment, patients can read, work on a laptop, or simply relax, and immediately afterwards, they may return to work, exercise, and other activities.

CoolSculpting’s technology is based upon Cryolipolysis™, a process which reduces fat cells by targeting, cooling, and eliminating them. In a CoolSculpting® session, the area targeted for fat reduction is drawn up between two pads. A device then delivers precisely controlled cooling of approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit to the treated area, which causes the fat cells—cells which are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other cells and tissues—to crystallize and die, while leaving the surrounding cells, tissues, and skin unharmed. The fat cells are then broken down and eliminated through the body’s natural metabolic process.

Following treatment, patients may see results as soon as three weeks, but the full body contour changes are typically achieved over the next two to four months. Because the fat cells that die are permanently removed, the aesthetic results can be long-lasting provided that a stable weight is maintained.

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