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Body Contouring

The Liposuction Procedure

The body sculpting process requires a discerning eye and careful attention to shaping ideal contours. An over-aggressive removal of fat for the sake of size reduction alone can lead to an unbalanced, artificial look and irregular contours. The various methods of liposuction are simply techniques. The plastic surgeon’s application of the method is of far more importance than the specific method that is used.

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Liposuction, also known as “lipoplasty,” is a procedure Dr. Patronella uses to reshape the bodies of women through out the Houston area, creating more ideal contours and proportions through the removal of fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Common trouble zones like the inner thighs, “love handles,” and the lower abdomen can attain smoother, firmer contours as a result of this procedure.



of Liposuction

  • A leaner figure
  • A sleeker silhouette
  • Smoother curves
  • Increased confidence
  • More clothing options


Areas Treated With

Abdomen and Waist

Get rid of your “love handles,” “muffin top,” or “lower pooch” for a flatter, leaner abdomen.


Enhance the shape of your butt as fat is strategically removed with this sculpting procedure.


Make wide hips narrower for slimmer, yet shapelier curves


Avoid chafing inner thighs and eliminate “saddlebags” from the outer thighs while you get the sexy legs you desire.

Knees and Ankles

Get rid of flabby knees and the dreaded “cankles” to reveal more shapely lower legs


Appear thinner in pictures and younger in real life by removing a double chin or stubborn neck fat.


Wear summer clothing with confidence by slimming and contouring your arms.

Combine With True Form Tummy Tuck®

Dr. Patronella frequently incorporates liposuction as a part of his revolutionary True Form Tummy Tuck® procedure. Liposuction helps achieve natural transitions, a contoured abdomen and waist, and more elegant, natural appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Financing Options
A. Although weight loss is a welcome result from this procedure, liposuction is not intended for weight loss. The primary goal of the procedure is to reshape the body to create ideal contours by eliminating excess fat that is difficult to target with diet and exercise alone.
A. The best candidates for liposuction have good skin elasticity and have been unsuccessful in losing fat from specific areas of the body. Excessively obese patients are often not the best candidates for this procedure. Patients who have poor skin elasticity or excess sagging skin are better candidates for body contouring procedures that target these concerns, such as an arm lift or tummy tuck.
A. Although liposuction can sometimes improve cellulite, there is no guarantee it will be removed. If desired, Dr. Patronella can implement other treatments to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
A. Results are permanent unless you gain a significant amount of weight. However, the weight that you gain will likely be distributed differently than if you had not undergone liposuction.
A. Dimpling is a known risk with liposuction, but in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Patronella, skin irregularities like dimpling are rare.

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