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Patronella True From Tummy Tuck before and after caseAre you unhappy with the results of your recent tummy tuck? Does your new tummy lack definition and contouring? You don’t have to settle for a flat, shapeless tummy. Dr. Christopher Patronella and his True Form Tummy Tuck® procedure can help restore your body’s natural shape.

Conventional tummy tuck surgeries often produce results that don’t look natural. In working with patients who were dissatisfied with their results, Dr. Patronella devised and perfected his True Form Tummy Tuck® technique to stand apart from the competition. Where a traditional tummy tuck procedure focuses merely on removing excess skin and flattening your midsection, Dr. Patronella specifically focuses on restoring the natural definition of the abdomen. By emphasizing your abdominal contours, your new tummy will regain subtle definition and look more natural.

In addition to this specific focus, you can also be assured that your new tummy will also have:

  • Contouring that tapers your waist toward the hips for a slimmer look
  • Consistent skin firmness without excess skin laxity across your abdomen
  • A more natural, youthfully firm navel
  • Easy coverage of your incision with underwear or swimsuits due to its strategic placement low on the bikini line
  • Muscles tightened with internal sutures to repair weak muscles


In focusing on components that traditional tummy tuck surgery misses or just doesn’t get right, Dr. Patronella’s True Form Tummy Tuck® can help you achieve the tummy you have always envisioned. Whether you are unhappy with the look of your new body shape or wish your other surgeon had done something different, Dr. Patronella’s approach is highly individualized, so he will work to address each of your specific concerns.

To find out more about how Dr. Patronella can help you regain your true form, contact us for a personal consultation. Call us at (713) 799-9999 to schedule your appointment today.

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