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What Is the Cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Posted November 06, 2019 in True Form Body Contouring®, True Form Tummy Tuck®, Tummy Tuck, Uncategorized

Tummy Tuck SurgeryAt the time of this post, November 2019, my starting price for the True Form Tummy Tuck is $10,800 — $11,800 and $11,800 – $12, 800 for an extended tummy tuck in major weight loss cases. Typically, costs are reduced when procedures are combined.

This is a comprehensive fee that includes the surgeon’s and anesthesiologist’s fees, the surgical facility usage fee, and post-op follow up care. Some costs are additional and optional to this such as the overnight facility stay fee. For the most updated pricing, please visit my plastic surgery cost page:
Here you’ll find a full list of my procedure prices as well as a breakdown of what this includes.

It is difficult to precisely predict the complete fee for any surgical procedure prior to your consultation and my recommendations at that time.. But this list is intended to give you a reasonable predictability of my plastic surgery procedure prices, including the cost of tummy tuck surgery, before the consultation.

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