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Christopher K. Patronella, Md, Facs, Fics


Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Overweight and Large Weight Loss Patients

Posted August 02, 2020 in Body Contouring, Body Lift, Liposuction, Mommy Makeover, True Form Body Contouring®, True Form Tummy Tuck®, Tummy Tuck

This patient had a True Form Tummy Tuck, lower body lift, breast lift, and fat grafting to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift). She said, “I’m so happy, I can’t even find the words! I feel more confident with the C-section scar removed. On our girls weekend out, guys were interested and buying me drinks.”

The best results with the True Form Tummy Tuck® (abdominoplasty surgery) are achieved with individuals who are at a good weight for their height. However, Dr. Patronella occasionally performs the procedure for patients who, though not at their ideal weight, have decided the benefits of having the procedure surpass any potential downsides. One of the factors Dr. Patronella evaluates in determining whether a person is an appropriate candidate for the True Form Tummy Tuck is Body Mass Index (BMI)—the measure of an individual’s body fat based on height and weight.

Dr. Patronella said, “Ideal candidates for the True Form Tummy Tuck have a BMI below 30. Those in the 30 to 35 range merit consideration, depending on physical findings and their health status.” Women and men who have a BMI above 35 are required to lose weight before he will perform the procedure in order to optimize both their safety and aesthetic outcome.

Overweight patients typically require an extended tummy tuck in which the incision extends around the side toward the back of hip, in contrast to the hip to hip incision performed in a standard abdominoplasty procedure. The longer incision is required when loose abdominal skin extends far out past the hip. In addition, overweight and large weight loss patients often are candidates for body lift surgery and liposuction of the upper and lower body. 

View Photos of Tummy Tuck Surgery in Overweight Patients

The True Form Tummy Tuck – Body Lift Combination

Those who have severe abdominal skin redundancy, particularly after substantial weight loss, benefit from more thorough abdominal skin removal when the incision is extended around the entire lower torso,” said Dr. Patronella. Known as a lower body lift or buttock lift, the purpose of this procedure is to reduce loose skin and sagging of the hips, buttocks and outer thighs. It usually is accompanied by liposuction of the waist and hips and fat grafting of the buttocks to replace loss of fullness and improve roundness.

A lower body lift is typically performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck by extending the incision around the hip, just above the buttock on both sides, meeting at the midline upper buttock cleft. The scar is placed so that it is concealed by underwear or most swimsuits. 

“This procedure can be a powerful addition to tummy tuck surgery, providing a smoothing effect along the outer silhouette and enhanced contouring of the hip, buttock and outer thigh,” said Dr. Patronella, noting that most patients who undergo the procedure combination enjoy a reduction in clothes size.

Upper Body Lift

The majority of weight loss patients experience loss of elasticity of the upper and lower body in equal measure. Breast lift, arm lift, bra line lift and torso lift procedures are used to eliminate redundant skin and provide a lifting effect while improving shape. Breast scars are concealed in a bra, but scars on the arms and back are somewhat more apparent. For this reason, treatment is generally performed in those with more significant looseness of skin.  

Determining the Right Procedures For You

During your initial consultation with Dr. Patronella, he will listen to the aesthetic goals you want to achieve and evaluate factors such as skin laxity and your body’s contours and proportions to determine his recommendations to you. Many procedures can be combined in one surgery, saving you both time and money. For our out-of-town patients, Dr. Patronella offers the convenience of an online virtual consultation. We regularly serve patients who travel from all over the globe for surgery with Dr. Patronella, and our team strives to make this experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

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