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True Form Aesthetic Surgery®

Posted June 27, 2022 in Uncategorized

By Dr. Chris Patronella 

For centuries, artists have sought to capture the simple, yet unsurpassed beauty of the human body in sculpture, painting, and photography. In the early years of my work as a plastic surgeon, the feedback of patients mirrored my own sense that standard plastic surgery textbook methods often yielded artificial-looking results because they failed to restore the natural physical nuances which contribute to the face and body’s overall beauty.

By studying photos of attractive, healthy bodies as well as the features which characterize a youthful visage, I identified a myriad of details which contribute to an attractive appearance. I gradually incorporated steps to replicate these features in my patients’ surgical procedures. My True Form Aesthetic Surgery® approach applied to breast, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation procedures represents the culmination of my efforts and the combination of techniques I’ve refined through 25 years of experience.

Symmetry, balance, smooth transitions, and restoration of youthful contours and tone are several key elements which distinguish True Form Aesthetic Surgery®. My patients love the results. And I’ve been honored to share my methods at surgical conferences at home and abroad, lecturing on artistic and technical skill, and how to predict results when certain anatomical characteristics  are present.

The Consultation: The True Form Aesthetic Surgery® Approach Treatment Plan
When evaluating and treating a patient for body contouring and/or facial rejuvenation, it is always my goal to create authentic harmony and balance between particular areas so results appear more authentic and aesthetically pleasing. An example of this would be performing a True Form Tummy Tuck® without addressing a full waistline. You’d have a flat abdomen next to a thick, heavy-looking waist—a combination which would not look natural.

It’s my responsibility to both understand my patients’ concerns and goals and then educate them about the procedure(s) that will best achieve the results they seek and provide them with a balanced, harmonious look, even if this differs from the surgery in which they initially expressed interest. In this way, they can make an informed choice.

I strive to set realistic expectations, helping individuals understand the unique challenges and limitations, while also demonstrating the significant improvements that I expect. I believe most patients appreciate my straightforward approach. So there is a balance that must be struck with every patient regarding what we do and how we do it. We must always form a partnership so that whatever I create can be enhanced and maintained by a patient’s participation, good nutrition and exercise.

My patients trust in me is my highest reward. And one of my most humbling experiences
is when my fellow surgeons refer their family and friends to me for. It makes all the years of research more meaningful to gain this level of trust.

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