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The Best Breast Lift Incision to Improve Sagging Breasts

Posted December 06, 2023 in Breast Lift, Breast Sagging, Combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

By Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella

Most women who have sagging of their breasts want to avoid external scarring on their breasts. So solutions such as placing an implant to fill out the breasts to make sagging less noticeable and/or more limited procedures such as breast lift that’s performed using a sole circle incision around the nipple are sought. Oftentimes these are inadequate procedures, and I rarely perform them for the condition of sagging of the breasts, also known as ptosis of the breasts.

If real sagging or ptosis is present, typically a breast lift procedure whereby a circle incision is made around the areola, a vertical incision from the areola down to the breast fold, and an incision in the breast fold—the so-called anchor incision—is required to effectively correct this condition.

The more limited approaches such as the circle incision around the areola is very ineffective at lifting the breasts. So I rarely, if ever, would even consider a procedure such as that to correct real sagging of the breasts.

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