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Revision Breast Surgery for Capsular Contracture

Posted March 12, 2018 in Breast Revision

Breast Revision Surgery Before & AfterAs a revision breast surgery expert, Dr. Patronella sees many women who desire breast revision surgery to alter their implant size or type (saline or silicone). In some cases, breast revision surgery is required to correct issues such as displaced or asymmetrical placement of the implants. One of the most common conditions that Dr. Patronella sees is capsular contracture.

What Is Capsular Contracture?

When foreign objects like breast implants are introduced into the body, it is a natural reaction for the body to encapsulate the object in scar tissue. Sometimes, however, these capsules contract and tighten too dramatically around the implant, causing it to become hard or misshapen; this is when capsular contracture occurs.

The condition typically appears within a few months following breast augmentation surgery; though, the exact cause for the extent of these complications is unknown. Since capsular contracture appears gradually, noticing it can prove difficult. Breasts that feel tight and painful or appear misshapen or too high on the chest are common symptoms of the condition.

What Can I Expect?

Prior to your revision surgery, you will meet with Dr. Patronella to determine the severity of the capsular contracture and the best course of action for your specific revision. This may involve numerous techniques, such as:

  • Replacement of the implants
  • Repairment of the capsule surrounding the implants
  • Shifting the position of the affected implant
  • Tightening the tissue surrounding the implant to lift the breast

The plan of action will depend on your ultimate treatment goals, the severity of the capsular contracture, your breast anatomy, and other factors.

Recovery and Results

After a breast revision procedure, it is common for patients to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort. To maximize your results and ensure a speedy recovery, you will be instructed to avoid strenuous activity until cleared by Dr. Patronella, though it is likely you will be able to return to work in about one week. Dr. Patronella and his team will provide you with detailed instructions to optimize your recovery.

If you are in need of breast revision surgery due to capsular contracture, please contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Patronella. Our office can be reached at (713) 575-1996.

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