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Plastic Surgery after Ozempic, Lab Bands, Gastric Sleeve and Other Weight Loss Procedures

Posted June 14, 2023 in Body Contouring, Post-Weight Loss Procedures, True Form Body Contouring®

By Dr. Chris Patronella

Over the years, we’ve seen an acceleration in weight loss procedures, also known as bariatric surgery, that patients have undergone, and it has been very powerful. This has changed the complexion of most plastic surgeons’ practices in that there are many patients who couldn’t lose weight for one reason or another who’ve had either a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve and have subsequently lost weight. More recently, we’re seeing patients who’ve been on a semiglutide like Ozempic and have lost weight—sometimes 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds—without the help of a surgical procedure. And they’re coming in for surgical procedures to correct the conditions that previous weight gain had caused.

Weight gain places unnatural strain and stretching force on skin and underlying structural tissue that becomes apparent when the weight is lost. All areas of the body can be permanently affected, resulting in loss of skin tone and elasticity, with stretch marks and folds of excessive skin that are chronically irritated from constant skin-to-skin contact. Surgical intervention is required to correct those features.

In customizing a surgical plan for a patient, I employ a variety of techniques for addressing each body area individually and as part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at providing a complete restoration of ideal form. Post weight loss surgery can target a number of areas: it could be the arms, it could be the buttocks, the thighs, the breasts, and the face, as well. Learn more about post weight loss surgery options that Dr. Patronella performs here, and his scar therapy program to minimize scar appearance here.

Women and men are equal candidates for the body contouring procedures discussed below, particularly when they are actively involved in a healthy lifestyle of exercise and better dietary choices and still are troubled with a disproportionate accumulation of fat or skin.

Body Contouring Surgery After Large Weight Loss

Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) typically involves muscle wall tightening with removal of loose skin and excess fat to obtain a flat and toned abdomen. I developed the True Form Tummy Tuck® method (a no-drain tummy tuck) in an effort to perfect the standard tummy tuck procedure and correct some of its most commonly seen pitfalls such as an artificial-looking flat-as-a-board look. With this approach, I incorporate a combination of techniques that have refined for more than 20 years in order to restore a toned abdominal appearance with attractive soft contours. In my opinion, this yields a much more authentic looking result than a tummy that’s uniformly taut. Optimal incision placement on the lower abdomen allows the scar to be discreetly hidden along the bikini line in a 2-piece swimsuit.

Lower Body Lift Surgery

The waist, hips, and buttocks may require skin and deep tissue tightening and lifting to restore tone and shapeliness through a lower body lift or buttock lift procedure. This is usually performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck to create a balanced, smooth lower body. With moderate weight loss, it is common that there is also volume loss of the buttocks leading to unattractive flattening. To enhance the buttocks and the overall feminine body contour, fat removed during the contouring procedure is grafted into the buttocks.

Thigh Lift Surgery

While the outer thigh lift is incorporated into a lower body lift procedure, the inner thigh lift is done separately. These lifting procedures require generous incisions, but optimal placement hides scars beneath a swimsuit or shorts.

Arm Lift and Upper Body Lift Surgery

Arm and upper torso lifting methods are an important addition to the comprehensive body lifting plan. Redundant skin of the arms is a very common complaint among patients who have undergone weight loss. Removing hanging arm skin with carefully-planned incisions allows patients to wear short sleeves again without being self conscious, thus permitting a more active lifestyle.

Face Surgery After Ozempic and other Weight Loss Methods

The face, too, can experience the effects of weight loss, which can include a sagging jawline, flattened cheeks, and hollowness under the eyes and temples. With the rise of people using semiglutides to lose weight, such features have been referred to as “Ozempic Face”—one of the less desireable outcomes of shedding fat. Depending on the degree of skin tissue laxity and its location, nonsurgical and facial surgical procedures or a combination thereof can restore a refreshed, youthful look to the face. This can includes skin laser treatments, cosmetic injectables, a mini facelift, eyelid lift, facelift and necklift surgery.

Breast Surgery After Weight Loss

Breasts can appear smaller and deflated after weight loss. To address this, Dr. Patronella performs breast surgery procedures including breast lift and breast augmentation surgery to lift the breasts off the rib cage and improve their shapeliness through the removal of excess skin, tissue repositioning, breast implants, and fat grafting to the breasts. For men, Dr. Patronella frequently does gynecomastia surgery to excise skin and breast tissue, creating a more masculine chest contour.

The Post Weight Consultation with Dr. Patronella

Dr. Patronella looks at the body as a whole to determine the best procedure or combination of procedures to attain a patient’s aesthetic goals. While he frequently performs multiple procedures in a single operation, for example, breast lift surgery with a True Form Tummy Tuck, in more extensive surgery cases, he may recommend staging the surgeries in separate operations.

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