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The Plastic Surgeon & Staff Partnernship

Posted December 31, 2014 in Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgery News

A bond of mutual appreciation, respect, and like-minded purpose

“We’ve shared our lives with the surgeons, and they’ve shared their lives with us. Our loyalty as staff members extends beyond business; it’s at a spiritual level—a very deep level. Our doctors have surrounded themselves with real people, and our patients gravitate to that.”
Adelina Falfan, Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS)patient coordinator for more than 10 years
Most of us can recall a situation in which poor service unfavorably colored our opinions about an otherwise pleasant experience at a restaurant, shop, or other venue. When it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, the consistent delivery of great customer service from a warm and attentive staff is as essential as providing superb aesthetic results, says Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella.
Dr. Patronella with his wonderful staff

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella and his wonderful staff

Fostering a positive workplace environment that encourages staff loyalty and dedication has been key to achieving this goal at Dr. Patronella’s practice, with many staff members celebrating more than 10 years working for the practice. The satisfaction and contentment employees have with their jobs ultimately is transmitted to patients, noted Patronella.
“In an environment where we encourage professional growth and longevity, the service we can deliver becomes even better. If you have constant turnover, then the ability to grow and improve is stunted,” said Patronella.
In a city that has hundreds of plastic surgeons from which to choose, the commitment to developing a team that has a “passion for the care they deliver and strives to be better at it every day” has been integral to  ACPS’s success.
ACPS practice administrator Karen Husmann commented, “Our doctors understand the power of a great staff. It may sound cliche, but the ACPS staff is truly like a family. The doctors have demonstrated that they really do care about us and our loved ones, and they have promoted an environment that encourages us to care for one another.”
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