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Laser Hair Reduction is Now For Everyone 

Posted December 31, 2014 in Laser

Laser hair reduction has been around for over 30 years.  Laser hair removal works by causing localized damage to dark target matter. Basically the dark matter (or melanin in the hair follicle) absorbs the light energy better then the lighter matter. Early lasers worked best when there was a large differentiation between the skin tone and the hair color. Pale individuals with light hair and dark skinned individuals were not good candidates for laser hair reduction.

The introduction of the long pulse Nd:YAG lasers with its longer pulse widths and wavelengths have made it possible to treat patients with darker skin tones and those who have but a small differentiation in skin tone to hair color. Please note that hair with no melanin is still not treatable nor does the Nd:YAG technology offer “permanent hair removal”.

Lasers built for the purpose of hair reduction can only penetrate 2 millimeters deep into the skin.  The majority of the dermal papilla, the only structure of the hair that can reproduce a new root system, is found approximately 7 millimeters deep.  Therefore, given enough time most if not all hair will return.  The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges that there is currently no hair removal procedure that is permanent and will not permit the use of the term “permanent removal”.  Anyone claiming otherwise should be approached with skepticism.  The FDA has approved a few lasers to claim “permanent reduction”.  These few lasers have proven their superior hair reduction efficacy to the FDA and have been certified to make that claim.

At ACPS we are proud to own two Nd:YAG lasers approved by the FDA to claim “permanent reduction”.  The Candela corporation’s Gentle:YAG is among the safest and most efficacious lasers on the market.  Whether you are fair skinned, dark skinned or well tanned, the GentleYAG can eliminate your need for shaving or waxing.  It’s suitable for the delicate small areas like the upper lip and the large areas of a man’s back.

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