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Improve Your Results With Revision Tummy Tuck Surgery

Posted January 15, 2018 in True Form Tummy Tuck®

Patronella True From Tummy Tuck before and after caseAre you unhappy with the results of your recent tummy tuck? As a tummy tuck revision specialist, Dr. Patronella sees many new patients who seek his expertise to improve tummy tuck results they received elsewhere. We understand how disheartening this can be due to the significant financial commitment as well as the physical and emotional toll it often creates when the aesthetic outcome does not match a patient’s expectations. A poorly done tummy tuck can leave you frustrated and desiring more. The good news is Dr. Patronella often can help you achieve the results you initially hoped for through True Form Tummy Tuck® revision tummy tuck surgery.

What Can Be “Fixed” With Tummy Tuck Revision?

Substantial Tummy Tuck Scars

Through tummy tuck revision surgery, Dr. Patronella often can improve the appearance of an overly large or high tummy tuck scar. Ideally, your incision should sit below the bikini line for easy concealment. If your previous surgery has left you with a high scar that makes you feel self-conscious, tummy tuck revision may be right for you. Dr. Patronella developed a Scar Therapy Program to further diminish the appearance of tummy tuck scars, while laser skin treatments can provide additional improvement.

Unnatural Contours

Standard abdominoplasty methods typically leave the abdomen looking uniformly flat because the focus is primarily to remove excess skin and fat along with tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. Through tummy tuck revision with the True Form Tummy Tuck®, Dr. Patronella creates the same soft muscle definition that can be seen on an attractive, toned abdomen. 

Overall Abdominal Contour

A common pitfall Dr. Patronella sees among women who consult with him for revision tummy tuck surgery is a too-tight lower abdominal appearance that does not blend with the upper abdomen above the navel. This conspicuous unevenness compels many patients to consider a revision. Whether your incision steps-off (meaning that there is a noticeable difference rather than a smooth transition above and below the incision line) or there is a “bulge” in the upper abdomen, revision can smooth your entire abdomen to create an even and natural appearance.

In a revision tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Patronella improves these concerns to achieve the signature features which characterize his True Form Tummy Tuck®  approach. These include:

  • Contouring that tapers your waist for a slimmer, proportionate look
  • Consistent skin firmness across your entire abdomen and the regions adjacent to it
  • A youthfully-firm navel which has an inward contour
  • Muscles tightened with internal sutures to repair weakened muscle wall tissue stretched apart during pregnancy

In focusing on components that traditional tummy tuck surgery misses or just doesn’t get right, Dr. Patronella’s True Form Tummy Tuck® can help you achieve the tummy you have always envisioned. Whether you are unhappy with the look of your new body shape or wish your other surgeon had done something different, Dr. Patronella’s approach is highly individualized, so he will work to address each of your specific concerns.

To find out more about how Dr. Patronella can help you regain your true form, contact us for a personal consultation. Call us at (713) 575-1996 to schedule your appointment today.

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