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Christopher K. Patronella, Md, Facs, Fics


Christopher K. Patronella - MD, FACS, FICS

Good vs. Bad Plastic Surgery: 5 Details that Can Scream, “FAKE!”

Posted May 17, 2016 in Body Contouring, Breast Augmentation, Uncategorized

By Sherri Roberts

When it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, the difference between artificial versus natural-looking results often lies in the details. Plastic surgery is about restoration of the function and form of the human body, and, in the case of cosmetic plastic surgery, restoration and/or improvement of physical appearance. That’s why the best cosmetic plastic surgeons often are both scientists and artists, having an artistic eye and the extensive surgical expertise necessary to safely achieve outstanding aesthetic results.

Considered one of Houston and nations best plastic surgeons by many, Dr. Chris Patronella describes some of the key physical features that create attractive authentic vs. surgically created results. Each day, we’ll reveal a new top five detail, so be sure to check back!

  1. Breast Augmentation: Crease Matters

Women with naturally larger breasts always have a defined crease, says Dr. Patronella. “So if we put an implant in and don’t define the breast crease, it screams breast augmentation. The vast majority of women who seek breast augmentation are an A or B cup with little to no definition of the breast fold. That’s why It’s critically important during the breast procedure to spend a little extra time to create a breast fold – properly positioned for the now larger breasts – to create symmetry with a defined breast crease. This is achieved with a precise suture technique.” View video here.

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