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Fat Grafting & Liposuction: The Perfect Body Sculpting Combo 

Posted December 29, 2014 in Fat Grafting, Liposuction

By Sherri Roberts

“Fat grafting is a combination of removing fat where it is unattractive and hides the natural contours and placing it where it is very attractive to highlight and accentuate contours.”

Dr. Christopher Patronella

You might be surprised to learn that one of the hottest body contouring and facial rejuvenation tools in cosmetic plastic surgery is the use of a person’s very own fat via a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. Whereas fat removed during liposuction once was routinely tossed, this changed as plastic surgeons began to discover and apply the aesthetic benefits of this previously overlooked asset.

Most of us have wished at some time or another that we could move fat from one area of our body to another. Fat grafting makes this dream a reality. That’s because it consists of two procedures in one: liposuction to remove fat from the areas where it’s undesirable and the grafting process to then place it where it appears very attractive.The lips and buttocks are two of the most commonly requested areas for added volume, but plastic surgeon and body contouring specialist Dr. Christopher Patronella also frequently uses fat grafting to improve the the body’s contours and proportions. Dr. Patronella often performs a combination of liposuction and fat grafting for women who have a figure with straight lines characterized by a lack of waist definition and straight hips. By removing fat from the waist and adding it to the hips, he is able to sculpt the more hourglass feminine curves they desire. The result is a more attractive, youthful shape that “changes her profile and proportions in a more three-dimensional manner,” said Dr. Patronella.
Dr. Patronella also uses fat grafting to improve some of the most common aesthetic concerns that women express about their bodies. “Often, what looks like a prominent bulge is actually a lack of fat in an adjacent area that makes the bulge more noticeable. Fat grafting helps to soften the line between the two areas,” Dr. Patronella commented.

“One of the most common examples of this is seen in women who have a pear shape with excess fat in the outer thighs, known as ‘saddlebags,’ along with a deep indentation in the buttock above it.  While the obvious solution may seem to simply remove the accumulation of fat in the outer thighs, doing this without also addressing the deep indentation above it would fail to adequately contour the buttock.  In many cases, taking a little fat in the saddlebag/hip area and using this to fill in the sunken area above it will create a smoother transition and a more elegant overall shape.”

If you are interested in improving and accentuating your body’s shape and proportions, contact us today to schedule a cosmetic plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Patronella. He will listen to your concerns and appearance goals in order to recommend the procedure or procedure combination that will help you look your best.

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