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Dr. Patronella Wins 2014 Italian Flame Award for Medical Contributions

Posted December 29, 2014 in Plastic Surgery News

dr-p_speakerBy Sherri Roberts

Plastic surgeon Christopher Patronella, M.D., a founder of the nationally-respected Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas,was honored with the 2014 Italian Flame Award at the Italian Cultural & Community Center’s 2014 Gala in Houston, Texas at the Westin Hotel. Dr. Patronella and 21 other individuals of Italian heritage were selected to receive the prestigious award for their contributions to the medical field.

This is the text of Dr. Patronella’s speech:

“I am deeply honored and moved, to be recognized by the Italian Federation. To be sure, it is bittersweet with a mix of pride and sadness, given the passing of my mother on July 4th. She had looked forward to being here.

“Simply put, I am the beneficiary of the hard work, sacrifice and dedication to family that defines the generations before me.  From the backbreaking farming in the Brazos River Valley of my great grandparents who immigrated in the late 1800’s from Sicily, to the endless hours of grocery store enterprise of my grade school educated grandparents and the entrepreneurial spirit of business ownership of my parent. Each generation provided the commitment to family—to help the succeeding generation do a little better.

“I was given every opportunity to succeed; I just needed to follow the path paved before me. Because of the unwavering support and generosity of my parents and grandparents, I never accrued a dollar of debt throughout my educational journey.

“Private grade school at Queen of Peace nurtured and guided my early years while fostering a tangible sense of purpose. Private high school at St. Thomas provided a disciplined and positive environment that helped shape my character and create a sense of responsibility for community. College at Texas A&M allowed me to excel academically with a solid foundation of knowledge to prepare me for higher education. And then medical school at University of Texas in Galveston prepared me for a well-rounded life in medicine.

“No man is an island. My family has always been there. There is no greater influence or comfort than family.  My Grandfather Patronella was the epitome of generosity, giving of both his time and money to help others less fortunate. An unyielding optimist, he was a multitasking magician as a grocery store owner and always an admired role model for me.

“My father relentlessly pushed me to be the best I could be, with the admonition, “Success is never certain, and failure is never final.” Mom was always there to sacrifice her own contentment to ensure ours, her children, and to provide the emotional support that nurtured our family’s well-being, helping us to flourish in our lives. Her frequent reminder of Christ’s words, to “Treat others as you would have them treat you,” continues to be the guiding principal at the heart of my medical practice.

“And finally, I want to express appreciation to my wife and children. They have always understood and accepted that my profession requires sacrifice from all of us when I am called upon by those in need. A special thank you is reserved for my dedicated wife, Rosanne, often acting as a single mother especially in the early years, for selflessly allowing me to pursue my career goals.

“Thank you for this honor. I have always been proud of my Italian heritage—a culture that has a rich history of art and science.  I will always be grateful for the enduring ties with family and friends within our tightly-knit community.“

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