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Cosmetic Injectables: 5 Reasons They’re One of Your Best Holiday Accessories

Posted September 24, 2015 in BOTOX® Cosmetic, Chemical Peels, Facial Rejuvenation, Injectables, Peels, Skin Care, Uncategorized

By Sherri Roberts

Facial Rejuvenation-Cosmetic InjectablesLike a modern day fountain of youth, cosmetic injectable treatments like BOTOX Cosmetic have become wildly popular as more people discover their nearly instantaneous ability to erase wrinkles, plump your pout, and restore youthful suppleness to the face and hands without surgery or downtime. In the past five years, treatment numbers for BOTOX Cosmetic and other botulinum toxins like Dysport and Xeomin grew an impressive 84 percent with 3,588,218 procedures performed in 2014. And hyaluronic acid based fillers including Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, Perlane, Restylane and Belotero took a 94 percent leap with 1,696,621 treatments delivered.

With the fall and winter holiday holidays quickly approaching, early fall can be one of the best times to schedule a cosmetic injectable treatment to ensure you’ll look your rejuvenated best in time for the multitude of holiday parties and other festive social events between October and New Year’s Day. This allows plenty of time for any potential subsequent swelling and/or bruising to resolve so you can be picture perfect for every snapshot.

Here are 5 of the reasons we love cosmetic injectable treatments and consider them a go-to favorite to help us look great for special occasions and every day.

1. They actually work.

Have we not all tried skin care products which promise lucrative benefits—faithfully following their daytime and nighttime regimens for week after week—only to discover they delivered more hype than real results? Rest assured, this is not the case with cosmetic injectables. The youthful-looking effects of fillers are visible immediately, while the line-smoothing benefits of botulin toxin injectables can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to fully appear.

2. They restore a younger, refreshed look to the face

So most of us would agree there are good and not so delightful aspects of getting older. While some embrace facial aging as a natural part of life, others prefer to soften skin sagging, forehead lines, 11 creases between the brows, and lines around the eyes and/or the mouth as much as possible. These lines and folds can make women and men appear older and more tired than they may actually feel.

For many, cosmetic injectable are the just-right solution for these concerns. Fillers use hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body, to fill in facial lines and folds in the lower two-thirds of the face. They commonly are used to fill in the nasolabial folds, the parentheses-shaped lines that stretch from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and the marionette lines that develop downwards from the corners of the mouth.

In addition, fillers can be used to restore volume to areas of the face that have hollowed out with aging. Over time, the face loses some of the fat that keeps it looking plumped up and smooth. Commonly, the cheeks become flatter and the temples and area under the eyes become hollower. Fillers can replace this lost volume volume, resulting in a softer and more youthful appearance.

 3. Kissable, plumper lips can be yours–no tingling lip serums required.

While you may not naturally have Angelina Jolie-style sensually full lips, fillers can be used to add subtle or more dramatic volume to your lips to give you the pout of your dreams. While some have taken this to an extreme, resulting in the infamous duck-lips look, be reassured that a skillful injector avoids this pitfall, giving you the perfect amount of fullness to enhance the contour of your lips.

4. You can give the eyebrows an attractive, celebrity-style lift.

Facial skin, the brows and forehead all tend to descend a bit over time due to aging and gravity. One of the lesser known desirable benefits of BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin is that they can be injected using a technique that helps the brows to look more lifted, an attractive feature that can enhance the overall all look of the eyes and brows. While a surgical brow lift is a longer-lasting, more comprehensive solution for this concern, cosmetic injectables can provide a quick and easy alternative to help you attain this youthful–looking lift.

5. Your hands don’t have to reveal your age.

Though the face typically receives the greatest focus when it comes to our rejuvenation efforts, the hands often are a telling indicator of a person’s true age. Like the face, the hands lose fat over time, causing their bones and veins to become more prominent. And their tone and texture tends to become rougher; wrinkled and blotchy in tone, revealing the effects of sun exposure and aging.

Cosmetic injectables like Radiesse can be injected into the hands to restore their suppleness and diminish the prominence of bones and veins. Combining this with a skin laser treatment to improve their tone and texture can do wonders to rejuvenate your hands’ appearance. If you are interested in this option, be sure to speak to your aesthetic nurse specialist to find out the recommended time frame to do skin laser rejuvenation and a cosmetic injectable treatment for the same area as these two procedures are staged at different times for the best results.

Combining Cosmetic Injectables + Skin Rejuvenation

For more extensive nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, consider pairing your cosmetic injectable treatment with a nonsurgical procedure to improve the look of your skin. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin rejuvenation will help to restore a radiant, fresh look to your complexion, giving it a softer, smoother, more luminous appearance.  Depending on the concerns you desire to improve such as brown spots, fine lines, and large pores, our skin care specialists will recommend the best option that fits with your goals and schedule. These are typically staged separately from cosmetic injectable treatments so if you are interested in both, be sure to let our skin care specialist and aesthetic nurse injector know so they can recommend the ideal time frame to schedule these.

To schedule your cosmetic injectable treatment, please contact Dr. Patronella’s aesthetic nurse specialist assistant Yvonne at 713-354-5148 or email her at For a skin care treatment at please call 713-799-9999 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patronella’ skin care specialists at ACPS—The Spa and Rejuvenation Center.

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