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Common Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Posted August 07, 2015 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, Implant Revision

Reasons for Breast RevisionWhile breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America, there are some cases in which the procedure does not yield satisfactory results. Sometimes the patient’s desired aesthetics simply are not achieved. There is also the possibility that a complication may develop after breast augmentation.

Breast revision surgery is performed to correct these issues. The procedure usually involves the replacement, repositioning, or removal of an existing implant through the same incision site used for the primary augmentation.

Some of the most common reasons women undergo breast revision surgery include the following:

Increasing Implant Size  

After the initial swelling from breast augmentation surgery resolves and the breasts settle into their final location, some women find that they want their breasts to be even larger and decide to get implants with more volume.

Capsular Contracture

This complication occurs when the tissue around the implant tightens and constricts the breast implant, often causing pain and breast deformity. To correct this, the tissue capsule around the implant is released (capsulectomy) or removed (capsulectomy).

Implant Rupture

Implants may rupture or leak due to weakening of the outer shell, overfilling of saline implants, or physical compression. The ruptured implant is generally removed and replaced with a new one.

Double Bubble Deformity

Double bubble deformity occurs when the implant(s) descend below the natural breast fold where the lower breast meets the chest. This creates an indentation across the bottom of the breast(s). A breast lift may help correct this problem, or the implant pocket may be adjusted and sutured to hold the implant in place.

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