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Can You Have a Neck Lift Without A Face Lift?

Posted July 14, 2023 in Facelift, Facial Rejuvenation, Necklift, Uncategorized

By Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella

I’m often presented with a patient who comes to the office for a consultation with me regarding their neck. They tell me they want improvement of their neck, and they are adamant that they do not want a facelift. Treating the neck alone can be a good fit for some patients—generally the younger patient, someone in their 30s who has a genetic predisposition to a full neck—whereby fat can be removed, and the skin still has enough tone that it will retract nicely. With this approach, a small incision is made under the chin, and fat is removed both above and below the neck muscle (platysma). In addition, the neck muscle is tightened to sharpen the jawline.

But in the older patient—and I’m talking about anyone in their 40s, 50s 60s—a necklift alone often can’t be done with good results. Instead, a formal necklift and lower facelift combination is required. In this procedure, the necklift is performed by lifting the neck both upward and backward. And that can only be achieved by making an incision in front and behind the ear.

Patients who request a necklift only procedure tell me they don’t want their face changed. Not infrequently though, there is a jowel associated with the neck concerns they want to improve. And if the neck were to be treated in an isolated manner, the jowel would sort of sit over the jawline, and it would look odd. It’s imperative that I explain and help patients understand by showing them in the mirror exactly how a necklift lifts the neck, but also lifting the lower face contributes to the lifting of the neck, as well, and demonstrating exactly how that treatment will look on them in particular.

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