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Key Details About Our Video Conference Program

An online video conference with Dr. Patronella serves to provide educational information regarding options for surgical procedures but does not replace the pre-procedure, face-to-face evaluation and physical examination for final determination of your suitability for plastic surgery and a final treatment plan.

  1. Video conferences are scheduled 7am – 6pm CST, Monday through Friday.
  2. Dr. Patronella will have a member of his staff present during the video conference.
  3. Dr. Patronella is available during the conference to evaluate and comment on any physical features of concern which you’d like to discuss.
  4. Preferred video conference platforms include FaceTime and Google Hangouts.
  5. While the usual fee for an online video conference is $250, we are temporarily reducing this to $150 to better accommodate our patients during the Covin-19 pandemic. This fee is non-refundable, and, should you elect surgical treatment by Dr. Patronella, it will be applied to the surgical fee.

To schedule your online video conference, please contact Dr. Patronella’s virtual consultation coordinator sherri via email at or call her at 713-354-5143.

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