TRUE FORM Breast Augmentation®




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    Increased Breast Size
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    Enhanced Cleavage
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    Natural, Physique-complementing Results
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    Long-lasting Results

TRUE FORM Aesthetic Breast Surgery®

Breast surgery is designed to help women achieve the feminine figure they have always desired. No matter the source of your dissatisfaction (small breasts, overly large breasts, poorly defined cleavage, misshapen breasts, or asymmetrical breasts), breast augmentation can enhance your natural appearance. Dr. Patronella’s True Form Breast Surgery uses traditional breast augmentation techniques combined with his meticulous attention to shape, placement, and form. A True Form Breast Surgery will provide you with the most natural and realistic breast enhancement possible.

TRUE FORM Breast Augmentation FAQ

Breasts that aren’t properly balanced can look artificial and noticeably augmented. Dr. Patronella’s True Form Breast Surgery ensures a balanced breast appearance for the most natural, perfect results possible.

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