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Facial Procedures

Nose and Ear Surgeries

A balanced facial appearance plays a key role in creating an attractive profile. Features such as an enlarged nose or prominent ears may be distracting or causing poor facial proportions. Nose surgery and ear surgery designed by Dr. Chris Patronella in Houston can resculpt your facial features to create a more balanced aesthetic.

Nose Surgery and Ear Surgery

Procedures for


  • Improves the appearance of the nose by correcting structural irregularities
  • Small incisions are used to access the underlying nasal structures
  • An open technique places a small incision on the outer base of the nose between the nostrils
  • A closed technique places all incisions inside the nasal cavity
  • Cartilage is removed, repositioned, or added to improve the shape of the nose

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  • Corrects a deviated septum, which should provide significant correction to breathing abnormalities, including chronic snoring
  • An incision is placed inside the nostril in the lining of the septum
  • Cartilage and nasal bone are removed to straighten the septum
  • Specific cartilage is left to provide adequate structural support

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  • Improves the appearance of prominent or oversized ears by repositioning or restoring symmetry
  • Incisions are placed behind or inside the ear depending on the type of correction needed
  • Soft tissue and cartilage are removed
  • Natural ear folds may be constructed using existing cartilage, if necessary

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Earlobe Repair

  • Corrects damaged earlobes to improve the aesthetics of the ears
  • Small incisions are placed around the earlobes
  • Excess lobe tissue is removed
  • The remaining tissue is repositioned and stitched together to form a natural-looking earlobe

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THe Benefits of Nose Surgery and Ear Surgery

  • Corrects large nasal humps
  • Slims wide nasal bridges
  • Corrects a drooping nasal tip
  • Corrects breathing irregularities caused by deviated septums
  • Pins prominent ears
  • Repairs damaged earlobes
  • Restores facial balance

Combining Your Surgery With Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Many patients choose to combine facial rejuvenation procedures with their nose or ear surgery to enhance their facial aesthetic. Combining procedures is cost effective because it avoids multiple anesthesia and facility fees, and it saves time since you don’t need to undergo repeat recovery periods. Commonly combined facial procedures include:

Nose & Ear Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Financing Options
It is recommended that nose surgery is only performed on patients whose nasal structures have finished growing completely. This typically occurs between 15 and 17 years of age. Ear surgery can be performed on young children, usually starting around age four.
Nose surgery recovery lasts about four to six weeks. During this time, your nose and face will likely feel swollen and bruised. For three to four weeks, you should limit your strenuous physical activities. Ear surgery recovery lasts two to three weeks. You may experience some swelling of the ears during this time. You should keep your head elevated during your recovery and limit excess physical activity.
Both nose and ear surgery can utilize techniques that minimize visible scarring. An open rhinoplasty can result in a visible scar at the base of your nostrils. Any scarring that does develop will likely fade over time.
Both nose surgery and ear surgery are performed as outpatient procedures, and general anesthesia is typically used to ensure patient safety and comfort.
Earlobe repair corrects damage that occurs to the earlobe. This is usually the result of heavy jewelry or gauges that stretch the earlobes. Other trauma to the earlobe may require correction.

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