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“My experience has taught me that when a person has a positive self-image, she/he is more engaged in the spectrum of daily activities related to work, parenting, and relationships. Because of the physical transformation they receive, my patients find more joy in putting on a swimsuit and going to the pool, they feel more confident about how they look in and out of clothes, and their relationships are often improved particularly their intimate relationships because they feel proud, whole and less inhibited.”
Christopher Patronella, MD


Dr. Patronella’s philosophy

reflects his commitment to his patients’ trust, satisfaction, and compassionate care. His goal is to provide patients with an evaluation that best addresses each individual’s unique concerns and goals.

He measures success not only in delivering youthful, natural results that are minimally detectable, but also in earning the complete satisfaction of his patients with the services they receive from his team.

Compassionate, Trustworthy Care

With an average length of employment of more than 10 years, Dr. Patronella’s dedicated staff has been trained to anticipate and respond to each and every need of patients to ensure that guests are treated with dignity and respect. Careful attention is given to every detail, from the initial consultation through the surgery and postoperative recovery period. His staff will guide and care for you at each step to ensure that your experience is smooth and positive in every way. Patients often report that the comprehensive care they received throughout their cosmetic surgery experience with Dr. Patronella was as equally rewarding and valuable to them as their beautiful aesthetic results.

This dedication to the care of his patients combined with his excellence as a surgeon have made Dr. Patronella not only a respected, award-winning surgeon, but one who is beloved by his patients and staff. They bestow what he considers the greatest honor: the referral of friends and family members to his practice.



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