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The Ideal True Form Tummy Tuck™ Candidate

Posted January 18, 2012 in Tummy Tuck

Following pregnancy or moderate weight gain followed by weight loss, it is very common to have loose abdominal skin. Though the skin’s elasticity helps it to “snap” back into place—the degree of which is influenced by one’s genetics, age, and the extent and duration of the stretching that takes place—excessive stretching of the skin greatly weakens this characteristic. When this occurs, no amount of dieting or exercise can restore the skin’s elasticity and firm appearance.

For these individuals, tummy tuck surgery can provide a wonderful solution, allowing them to exchange a flabby abdominal appearance for one that is firm, flat, and shapely through the removal of excess skin and, in most cases, tightening of the underlying abdominal muscle wall. In the True Form Tuck™, Dr. Patronella incorporates advanced techniques to create exceptional results that go beyond those typically provided by standard tummy tuck procedures. While most of Dr. Patronella’s tummy tuck patients experience a dramatic improvement in their abdominal appearance, the aesthetic details of the True Form Tummy Tuck™ will be more visibly pronounced in those who are close to their ideal body weight. For those who are further away from their ideal weight, Dr. Patronella frequently performs a modified version of the True Form Tummy Tuck, in which he incorporates some aspects of the procedure in order to obtain enhanced results.

During your consultation, Dr. Patronella will provide you with an honest evaluation of your options and his recommendations to help you receive the best aesthetic results possible. As one of the nation’s most accomplished and respected body contouring and tummy tuck specialists, he has extensive experience in determining and utilizing the best methods and techniques to restore an attractive appearance to the body following pregnancy and weight loss. We welcome you to contact our office at 713.799.7999 to schedule a consultation and discuss any questions you may have.

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