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The Ultimate Breast Transformation: Combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery

Many women experience both breast sagging and volume loss due to pregnancy, aging and gravity–an often disheartening blow to their sense of confidence and feminine sensuality. That’s why the combination of breast augmentation with a breast lift is a dramatic makeover: transforming sagging, deflated breasts to give them a more shapely and full, sexy, and youthful appearance. Unfortunately this popular procedure combination is technically challenging and associated with high revision rates due to the competing forces of the breast implant expanding the soft tissue while the removal of excess sagging skin tightens the breast.

Determined to overcome these potential obstacles, plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella and his colleague plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Mentz developed a new technique–known as the Delay Fill Technique–which significantly improves the results and safety of combining breast augmentation with breast lift surgery. With this method, Dr. Patronella places saline implants into the breasts and fills them partially at the time of surgery. Ten to 14 days later, he fully fills the implants to the desired size in a minor office procedure that is performed under local anesthesia in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Staging the procedure in this way gives the breasts time to heal after the initial procedure, greatly improving the ultimate aesthetic outcome.

Due to the success of this method, Dr. Patronella and Dr. Mentz were invited to contribute a chapter detailing their technique to the journal Seminars in Plastic Surgery. Read this chapter, The Delay Fill Technique: A Safer Approach to Combination Augmentation Mastopexy, here: The Delay Fill Technique Chapter

Below are some of the beautiful before and after results Dr. Patronella has achieved with the Delay Fill Technique.

Combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift – Before and After Photos



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