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Why Breast Revision Surgery?

One of the most common issues I correct through breast revision surgery is capsular contracture, a complication that occurs when scar tissue tightens too much around the breast implant(s) after breast augmentation surgery.

Restoring a Natural, Shapely Appearance to Breasts

View Video: Corrective – Revision Breast Implant Surgery: Challenges & Solutions to Create Excellent Results

Dr. Chris Patronella performs many corrective breast procedures each year at his facility in Houston, to reshape breasts that have an abnormal appearance due to congenital defects or previous breast surgeries. The most common reasons for a corrective breast procedure are to reposition a displaced implant, to improve deformities, to correct obvious asymmetries, and to repair capsular contracture that occurs when scar tissue around an implant tightens, causing the implant to shift and harden. For some women, breasts fail to develop normally due to congenital conditions such as tubular breasts where the breasts are spaced widely apart and have very little tissue.

What's theCost?

Revision - 1 Breast

$ 4,800

Revision - 2 Breasts

$ 6,800

The Corrective Procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Patronella, he will diagnose and determine the best method to correct your breasts’ appearance. This may involve a combination of techniques that include replacement of implants, repair of the capsule, altering of the implants’ position and tightening of the tissues to lift the breasts. The procedure is performed in one to two hours under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and stitches are removed one week later.

In the following weeks, you will wear a sports bra to support the healing of your breasts. Though heavy activity should be avoided for at least a couple of weeks following surgery, most individuals can return to work within 7-10 days.


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