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“My experience has taught me that when a person has a positive self-image, she/he is more engaged in the spectrum of daily activities related to work, parenting, and relationships. Because of the physical transformation they receive, my patients find more joy in putting on a swimsuit and going to the pool, they feel more confident about how they look in and out of clothes, and their relationships are often improved particularly their intimate relationships because they feel proud, whole and less inhibited.”
Christopher Patronella, MD


Facial rejuvenation surgery has become more popular as well since many men find that excessive skin and fat under the chin has developed with advancing years.

Male Facelift/Necklift

The so called double chin or turkey gobbler neck is very common among men and can be dramatically reduced by a combination of liposuction, muscle tightening, and neck lifting. This can be combined with facelifting, using carefully concealed incisions to further enhance a youthful yet natural restoration.

What's theCost?


$ 12,800

Long term skin care should be sought by all men who are interested in maintaining refreshed healthy skin. A variety of skin care products and easily implemented spa services such as microdermabrasion can be incorporated as part of a non-surgical skin care program. BOTOX® Cosmetic and hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane®, Perlane® and Juvederm® are safe, inconspicuous and easy to do in the safety and privacy of my professional offices.

The Procedure

Understanding the unique needs of male patients requires additional specialization in a plastic surgery practice. Broad experience and the attentiveness of a trained professional staff, who are aware of those needs, are necessary to successfully provide a program designed specifically for men.

At The Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery, we have given special attention to this unique area of plastic surgery so that our male patients will always feel comfortable and accommodated during their interactions with us.


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