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2 Reviews - Breast Augmentation and Lift  (See More Reviews)
Review from A. - Source: Demandforce - Jul 25, 2015
Dr. P and Eva were very knowledgeable and thorough with my breast examination and consultation for removal of old implants and inserting new implants with a lift. This is not my first surgery with Dr P. He performed my tummy tuck several years ago and did a great job.
Review from A. - Source: Demandforce - Oct 12, 2016
I was older (50s) and very skeptical about elective surgery. However, after raising four kids I wanted to do something for myself. I lost weight and wanted to get rid of the droopy stomach and correct breast assymmetry I had always had. It was very important to me to maintain a natural look. I consulted with other doctors; the cheaper ones were less professional and said things I didn't agree with, the more expensive ones were professional but seemed to be trying to capture only the higher end of the market with clients that will pay top dollar. Dr. Patronella was HIGHLY qualified, very professional, and with reasonable rates for his qualifications. I chose a tummy tuck and breast augmentation/lift to achieve symmetry and I am very happy with the results. I know it is a big decision; I would definitely recommend Dr. Patronella to anyone!


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