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Plastic Surgeon and Award-Winning Safety Innovator Dr. Chris Patronella Speaks Out on USA Today Hot Topic: Risks of Choosing Poorly Qualified Cosmetic Surgery Providers

No shortcuts to safety: Dr. Patronella warns fast-track cosmetic surgery courses are inadequate substitute for extensive education and training needed to perform cosmetic plastic surgery procedures safely, competently. “The experience and education that comes from managing thousands of patients during the whole surgical process, along with the various related surgical and medical issues related to […]

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Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella—an Award-Winning Safety Innovator 

Dr. Christopher Patronella, winner of H Magazine’s “Top Doc” award for seven years in a row, has received notable recognition for his contributions to plastic surgery safety throughout his 20-year career. His safety research  related to preventing deep vein thrombosis in patients led the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons to honor him with the group’s […]

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Houston Plastic Surgeons Elect Dr. Chris Patronella As New President of Houston Society of Plastic Surgeons

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Patronella is shown here with plastic surgeon Dr. Alan Widgerow and Dr. Rahul Mehta, Director of Research and Development at SkinMedica Inc. At the HSPS October meeting, Dr. Widgerow, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of California, shared his extensive expertise regarding postsurgical scar treatment. Dr. Mehta expanded […]

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New Year’s Resolutions 

“The things we do are fabulous, but they need to be coordinated with positive lifestyle habits that help patients to maintain and enjoy the benefits of their results.” Dr. Chris Patronella By Sherri Roberts The beginning of a New Year inspires fresh resolve in most of us to commit to healthier eating and exercise habits. […]

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Advice to a Young Plastic Surgeon 

By Dr. Chris Patronella While working as a young resident in plastic surgery, I received a piece of advice from a man who was and remains one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Thomas Biggs. Dr. Biggs achieved prominence as a member of the team that developed the first silicone breast implant, […]

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