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“I want my patients to know they can trust that I will look out for their best interest.”

Houston Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Patronella

In his 20 year career, Dr. Patronella has developed core principles that form the foundation of his daily practice as a plastic surgeon. These principles, which emphasize building trust, and providing unsurpassed patient care, safety, and satisfaction have led Dr. Patronella to be consistently recognized as one of Houston’s most respected surgeons among his physician peers (H Magazine “Top Doc” recipient, Health and Fitness “Doctors’ Choice” award).

Guiding Practice Principles

1. Develop and protect patient trust.

Patients must feel uninhibited to candidly discuss every concern with their surgeon. Emotional, physical, and financial considerations should be openly shared. I want my patients to know they can trust that I will look out for their best interest.

2. Offer procedures that have a proven record of consistent success while maintaining a low risk level.

Experience does matter. Results are more predictable when you have performed the same type of surgery over a long career. Consequently, I am better able to confidently recommend procedures that I have routinely performed over a number of years. My goal is to provide a professional evaluation that best addresses each individual’s unique concerns and expectations, so that realistic goals can be established. This provides an opportunity for me to assess the predictability of a good result and patient acceptance of the potential limitations for each procedure. Once goals have been reviewed and surgical options thoroughly explained, including the risk associated with surgery, patients are able to make an informed decision.

3. Never over treat.

Patients are encouraged to set long term goals that can be achieved over time rather than a “quick fix” solution that could jeopardize safety, and lead to a longer than expected recovery and suboptimal results. A youthful, natural result with minimal detectability and maximum satisfaction is my overriding goal.

4. Provide an educated, compassionate and trustworthy staff to assist in meeting patient needs and concerns.

Over the past 20 years, I have been committed to developing a team of medical and administrative professionals who have been trained to anticipate and respond to each and every need of our patients. My staff goes the extra mile to ensure that patients are treated with dignity and respect and that the privacy of patient information is protected. Members of my support team strive to accommodate the scheduling needs of our patients, being sensitive to each person’s valuable time, work, and family commitments.

5. Provide care safely.

Safety is always my top priority when considering surgical options. My surgery center is an American Association of Accredited Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) certified facility. In addition, we have superceded the recommended guidelines to gain licensure from the Texas Department of Health. For the safety of my patients I insist on board certified physician (MD) anesthesiologists to monitor the safety of my patients before, during, and after surgery.

6. Always aspire for 100% patient satisfaction.

I want my patients to be 100% satisfied with the services they receive from my team. From the initial call to my practice to recovery from surgery. I want my patients to feel we have met and even exceeded their expectations. This high level of patient care and satisfaction is another reason my patients feel comfortable referring their family and friends to my practice. Providing patient care is a privilege and a profound responsibility, one that I regard with respect and reverence.

7. Be critical of my own results.

Seeing the results of my efforts is deeply gratifying, fulfilling a personal need that is part of my own character. It is important to me that patients know that I will scrutinize the quality of OUR outcome and be ready to offer my expertise to make it better if I am able. A good surgeon recognizes that the art and science of plastic surgery is imperfect and constantly evolving. As new procedures, techniques and products are introduced into the market, with the promise of quicker, safer and less painful recovery, the need for continuing education and critical analysis becomes essential. I am committed to continually evaluating all of my techniques and procedures and making changes and refinements when better methods are clearly demonstrated.



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